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  "City of Twilight: Twilight," Bella himself exiled to the Fox and the remote town of rain throughout the year. She could not think of how is this choice, let her meet him at the crossroads of destiny. Fair eyes that moment, have to understand each other, waiting for them, apart from the well-being of the temptation, there is a danger of the abyss. Cordial with each other two, in love and the risk of inter-swing, with new and exciting Spend each day, as long as the sun,romantic evening in the City of Light.
  Since he has a charming appearance, Superman's body, and the ability to see through people's minds, he is? And she is just a natural motor neuron worse, skin as white as sick as ordinary girls. Meeting that year, they are all 17-year-old. Wheel of time is the solidification of him, for her it is rapidly rotating. Youth willhim, she will eventually corrupt the youth, their world, there are really mixed it? From Adam and Eve started, in the face of a love-hate vortex desire, mankind is always at a loss.
  Happiness slowly forward, waiting for waves moving. When a vulnerable young girls to integrate into a very human world, she faced the danger of the devil than with the kind of kiss is much more difficult. After dusk the day after a beautiful evening, this adventure story of ups and downs at this time is just a prelude.
  Author will be the main character's emotional adolescent feelings of confusion and bewildering entanglement describes a real delicacy,description andelegant language to arouse the reader's endless imagination,stories and bizarre plot twists and turns readers aroused continuous reading impulse. In the fresh, gentle and touching, and readers have witnessed the brilliant youth, first love of the beautiful, also witnessed the struggle Sense & Sensibility, soul and body of the struggling … …
  "Twilight City: Crescent" Edward deeply fascinated Beira, also loved her unique scent. But Happy Hour is always short-lived, in her eighteen-year-old birthday party, the Beira accidentally cut his arm, the blood flows evoked Edwards family bloodthirsty nature. In order to protect his beloved people, Edward and his family left the town of Fox.
  Edward left, Bella's world completely collapsed, and she began to try all kinds of risky behavior, because she found that as long as she is dangerous to do one thing, Edward's voice will appear in her mind. Beira-style self-flagellation act crazy and did not let Edward change her mind and this time, young Jacob appeared uninhibited pale in her world, though he knows the hearts of otherwise Beira others, or affectionately to accompany and protect her. One is as firm as a rock of ice-cold heterogeneous, a Some Like It Hot are the hot werewolf, Bella will be a choice … … Edwards mistakenly think Bella had jumped into the sea and death, can not afford such a sudden a huge blow, he decided to make all One of the broken. Dusk gradually retire, what awaits them is the horizon shows the most dark nights一Crescent, Bella and Edward will fall into this irrevocableit? They can recover before the end of life is also precious than their own each other to save this world with the most exciting of love?
  Tsam enjoy continued life and death entangled Romance, "New Moon" will be the reader into the novel category than ordinary youth more magical pluralistic world, the readers are not so much to accompany Bella SPEND the first paragraph of her life during the darkest as it is with Mel Miaoying pen magic world experienced a real life experience of love could not exist. Edwards struggles, Beira on the demands of love and desire for true love Jacob of tension throughout the three novels has always been, a good interpretation of the eternal theme of love. Mel with her unique style and gifted ability to control the reader's heart, sentimental readers inevitably and Bella together, or hold your breath, or tears.
  "Twilight City: eclipse" Bella is about to graduate from secondary school into a dilemma: she wanted to Edward and Jacob in the Select a lover, and this choice may lead to ethnic Karen family and between werewolf a bloody war … … blood boilingwould like to choose to die with Edwardappearance, but before their marriage, Edward does not allow her to do so. On the other hand, Jacob's involvement so that the feelings of their red light to visit the injured in Beira Jacob, the Jacob King took her to his home, the opportunity to declare her love, and regardless of the wishes of her kissing her. This forced a deep kiss printed on the minds of Beira, for Jacob's feelings, Bella has When Bella for the selection of much pain and suffering of lovers, she discovered that someone from her room robbery, follow the above purpose is to sniff out the odor Her lies. Bella will be all sorts of accidents linked to the past, and finally to understand from the legendary Victoria Crane family is all behind the scenes manipulation. In order to revenge for the death of James, Victoria is gathered a group of accomplices hurried to Fox for Edward and Bella's life caused a great threat, Karen werewolf family decided to go to deal with ethnic groups a common enemy. Ice and Fire irreconcilable contradiction, love and sacrifice in the scale, Bella found her dedication to not only the soul … …
  When you can be immortal, you live why? "Eclipse"the dark veil, Body and Soul of the struggling show. Karen irreconcilable werewolf family and ethnic conflicts of the question of how to solve? Angelic kind are Edward and Bella fragile glass-like step-by-step on the marriage altar, hand in hand into the Garden of Eden, or Jacob and Bella and her childhood had on the ordinary human life? Alternating day and night from the "twilight", experienced the "Crescent" and the heartbreaking "eclipse" of grief, the reader will be our doubts in the "dawn" hours one by one to crack, and the truth will also complicated in the "midnight sun "in Sudden Impact.

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